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Additions & Remodels

Outgrowing your home, but you don’t want to move?

Whiteley & Whiteley will come to your home and discuss options for adding a room or expanding an existing space. We will discuss your specific needs and the various options to achieve your goals. Often, we can simply reconfigure an existing space to make it more efficient. Once we have a basic concept, Whiteley & Whiteley will develop a complete set of plans and specifications to turn your ideas into reality.

Seamless Design & Construction

Our goal is to create a seamless addition that will maintain the look, feel and flow of your existing home while providing more useable space; everyone will think the addition was part of the original construction.

Desert Inn Kitchen Remodel

Summer Hill Bathroom Remodel

The Escondido Open Concept Remodel

To achieve the open concept kitchen, we had to remove walls, relocate appliances, and move an existing exterior wall 3 feet. My client requested that everything in the kitchen be replaced.

We were able to carefully remove the old cabinets, appliances and granite, which were donated to a family in need. It was also requested that I assist in choosing the furniture, artwork, area rugs, and chotskies. This concept could not have been achieved without the thoughtful and talented family of artisans that work with me.

The before and after photos of kitchen, living room, dining room and morning room illustrate the dramatic changes.

Before Gallery

After Gallery

Orton Remodel

This project involves transforming a contemporary home that was clad in vinyl siding with a stucco and stone exterior. The home required an extensive demolition and reconstruction of the walls, roof, etc.

Before Gallery

After Gallery

Brookhaven Attic Transformation

The original attic was designed and built to structurally support this conversion. We were able to embrace the original roof lines, which gave each room an interesting look, as well as saved many thousands of dollars.

Dwayne Neal, owner of Compass Security & Theater was instrumental in assisting in the design of the theater room so that the technical aspects were addressed and the finished project was truly functional.

Before Gallery

After Gallery

Chippers Crossing Kitchen Remodel

Before Gallery

After Gallery

Chippers Crossing Ramp Addition

Twain Kitchen Remodel

Dramatic Transformation

Complete demo of kitchen area, which included removing the furr downs and suspended ceiling. We had to keep the same footprint because of zero lot lines, but was able to increase cabinet space substantially. The serving bar was removed and replaced with a breakfast bar. The cabinets were painted white and white appliances were chosen to brighten the space.

  • New custom cabinets extend to the ceiling for additional storage.

  • White paint and appliances to create a brighter, more open appearance.

  • Breakfast Bar

  • Granite Countertops

  • Recessed Lighting

  • Under-Counter Lighting

  • Pendant Lights

  • Accomplished within the original footprint

Before Gallery

After Gallery

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What Our Customers Say

"We totally love every square foot of our home. The building experience was a pure joy, from start to finish! We would use Whiteley and Whiteley Design Group again, if we were to build a second home. David and Diane are honest and extremely talented builders to work with and the contractors were also very professional. The quality is outstanding."

-Abe and Mary Varghese

"Dan and I can't do anything but praise all of the time, hard work and patience (especially patience) that David, Diane and Jessica have afforded us this past year. There were no outrageous promises made and no requests that weren't accommodated. This team of people have done everything possible to keep this project on time in spite of illness, our changing our minds and a hurricane that put a tree into the new dining room. And their crews have been the best and the site is always clean. Thanks guys!"

-Dan & Robbie Love

"David and Diane designed and built our home...always just a phone call away...they build a quality home. We became friends during this process and are still friends after the build...need we say more!"

-Chip & Paula Stivers

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