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Special Needs

A design to meet your "special needs"

Whiteley & Whiteley will create home designs that cater to your family’s special needs. David Whiteley is a Certified Aging-In-Place specialist (CAPS).

Special needs, refers to the specific requirements of the clients. It is more than wheelchair accessibility, it includes features such as mother-in-law suites (for aging parents), a second master bedroom (for “boomerang” children or snoring spouses), separate accommodations for semi-independent adult-children (autistic, mentally or physically challenged), & other specialized home designs.

Examples of "Speacial Needs" Design

Our Parents are living longer. For Aging parents that can no longer live on their own due to ill health or financial difficulty, Whiteley & Whiteley can design a mother-in-law suite that includes a comfortable living area, wheelchair accessible bath and, perhaps, a small kitchen.

College no longer guarantees financial security.
We now have a category of Adult-children referred to as “boomerangs” because they are returning home. They may be having difficulty finding a job, experiencing financial difficulty or getting divorced. Whatever the reason, Whiteley & Whiteley can design a separate, second master suite that can provide comfort and privacy for both the returning offspring and the parents. Second master suites are also great for snoring spouses!

A little help from our friends. For the mentally or physically challenged adult-child that would like to live independently but needs occasional assistance from the family, Whiteley & Whiteley can design separate living quarters, sometimes referred to as a casita. The loved one can live on their own and still be under the watchful eyes of the parents.

We are all getting older. We don’t want to admit it, but as we age, we lose some of our own independence; yet, the majority of people do not want to leave their home and move to assisted living. The solution may be a live-in caretaker and, with thoughtful planning, the “special needs” space we designed for our loved ones could someday be re-purposed into caretaker quarters.

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What Our Customers Say

"We totally love every square foot of our home. The building experience was a pure joy, from start to finish! We would use Whiteley and Whiteley Design Group again, if we were to build a second home. David and Diane are honest and extremely talented builders to work with and the contractors were also very professional. The quality is outstanding."

-Abe and Mary Varghese

"Dan and I can't do anything but praise all of the time, hard work and patience (especially patience) that David, Diane and Jessica have afforded us this past year. There were no outrageous promises made and no requests that weren't accommodated. This team of people have done everything possible to keep this project on time in spite of illness, our changing our minds and a hurricane that put a tree into the new dining room. And their crews have been the best and the site is always clean. Thanks guys!"

-Dan & Robbie Love

"David and Diane designed and built our home...always just a phone call away...they build a quality home. We became friends during this process and are still friends after the build...need we say more!"

-Chip & Paula Stivers

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